Why Restaurants Need AI

Many businesses currently use different types of AI to solve for different customer experience problems According to Greg Creed, CEO of Yum Brands, artificial intelligence (AI), robots and automation could replace humans in the food services industry by the mid-2020s. The widespread adoption of AI and automation will impact how restaurants employ and utilize staff.

What Types of AI Can Help Customer Experience?

According to Coresight Research, 44.2% of US executives are experimenting with facial and voice recognition, 43% with personalized channel experience, and 41.2% with natural language processing for content generation.

Why AI?

When a starving customer walks into a restaurant, they’re looking for more than just a fast fill-up. AI represents a truly transformative opportunity for restaurants because it can provide actionable recommendations, not just insights. It identifies your customer far better and much faster which automatically reduces human efforts and improves customer service.

Key Uses of AI in Customer Experience

Benefits of AI to Restaurants

Applications of AI in the Food Industry

What is the future of AI in the restaurant industry?

  1. 72% of hotel operators agree that AI-based systems that leverage customer preference and buying behaviour to make targeted dining support will be mainstream by 2025.

  1. 60% of restaurant operators stated location planning using artificial intelligence would be mainstream by 2025.

  1. According to an estimate in a study by tech giant Accenture, AI has the potential to add $957 billion, or 15% of current gross value added, to India’s economy by 2035

To Wrap Up

The current state of the world means that we need all the help we can get to run the most efficient and profitable businesses and thanks to artificial intelligence which creates tools that can simplify and optimize the running of businesses. We haven't reached the era of complete automation, however restaurant businesses are experiencing a bunch of it's evident benefits by using AI in form of better ordering, quick food preparation and service, cost saving among many others. Learn more with JoyUp today!