Why Your Restaurant Needs Email Marketing Automation

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7 Must-Have Email Marketing Automations to Boost Your Brand and Customer Lifetime Value

1. Welcome Email Flow👋

Automate an entire drip campaign to send on an ongoing basis for every new guest over time.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡First order is placed

✉️Day 2: Our story, from the founder

✉️Day 7: One week re-engage

✉️Day 12: We exist because of our vision

✉️Day 17: Menu item highlight

✉️Day 22: Here are our values

2. Second Purchase

Turn a transaction into a moment of true connection with a guest.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡Second order is placed

✉️ Thank you

✉️ Request for Feedback

3. Third-Party to Direct Conversion

Thank your guests when they convert from a third-party marketplace to ordering directly from you.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡ Converts from third party to direct

✉️ Thank you

✉️ Reminder: Keep ordering directly

4. Direct to Third-Party Lapse

When a guest lapses from ordering through your website, remind them why it’s better than a third-party marketplace.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡ Lapses to third-party from direct

✉️ Drive direct order

✉️ Reminder: Choose direct over third-party marketplaces

5. Delivery to In-Store Behavior

When a delivery guest comes in-store to dine with you, reward their behavior.

Why It’s Important

Build a deeper relationship by recognizing in-store loyalty

What it looks like

⚡Guest with delivery history visits in-store

✉️Thank you for your in-store visit

6. In-Store to Delivery Conversion

Encourage in-store guests to try your brand out for delivery at-home or elsewhere, too.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡Last in-store visit was 7 days ago

✉️ Get your favorites delivered

7. 60- and 90-Day Lapses

When a guest hasn’t ordered with you in a while, send an automated drip campaign that drives real revenue

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡Last order = 60 days ago

✉️ Day 60: Get Reacquainted

✉️ Day 65: Reorder nudge

✉️ Day 70: Menu highlight

✉️ Day 75: What others are saying

✉️ Day 80: Reorder prompt

That’s all for now!

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