Why Your Restaurant Needs Email Marketing Automation

Email automation is one of the most effective and powerful tools when it comes to email marketing. This is because it improves customer retention and brand recognition. With JoyUp, you will learn a step-by-step tactics to build basic automations that will put you ahead of 90% of restaurants. You will stop being reactive about engaging guests as their behavior changes, and start proactively building your brand and your relationship with your guests.

Below are factors to consider when creating e-mail automation.

7 Must-Have Email Marketing Automations to Boost Your Brand and Customer Lifetime Value

1. Welcome Email Flow👋

Automate an entire drip campaign to send on an ongoing basis for every new guest over time.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡First order is placed

✉️Day 2: Our story, from the founder

✉️Day 7: One week re-engage

✉️Day 12: We exist because of our vision

✉️Day 17: Menu item highlight

✉️Day 22: Here are our values

2. Second Purchase

Turn a transaction into a moment of true connection with a guest.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡Second order is placed

✉️ Thank you

✉️ Request for Feedback

3. Third-Party to Direct Conversion

Thank your guests when they convert from a third-party marketplace to ordering directly from you.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡ Converts from third party to direct

✉️ Thank you

✉️ Reminder: Keep ordering directly

4. Direct to Third-Party Lapse

When a guest lapses from ordering through your website, remind them why it’s better than a third-party marketplace.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡ Lapses to third-party from direct

✉️ Drive direct order

✉️ Reminder: Choose direct over third-party marketplaces

5. Delivery to In-Store Behavior

When a delivery guest comes in-store to dine with you, reward their behavior.

Why It’s Important

Build a deeper relationship by recognizing in-store loyalty

What it looks like

⚡Guest with delivery history visits in-store

✉️Thank you for your in-store visit

6. In-Store to Delivery Conversion

Encourage in-store guests to try your brand out for delivery at-home or elsewhere, too.

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡Last in-store visit was 7 days ago

✉️ Get your favorites delivered

7. 60- and 90-Day Lapses

When a guest hasn’t ordered with you in a while, send an automated drip campaign that drives real revenue

Why It’s Important

What it looks like

⚡Last order = 60 days ago

✉️ Day 60: Get Reacquainted

✉️ Day 65: Reorder nudge

✉️ Day 70: Menu highlight

✉️ Day 75: What others are saying

✉️ Day 80: Reorder prompt

That’s all for now!

If you are tired of exporting audience lists and sending one-off email campaigns, try JoyUp today.

We offer:

  1. Sophisticated email builder with dynamic templates.

  2. Real-time data ingestion from 3rd-parties, POS, and Pickup and Delivery Orders.

  3. Automatic audience segmentation across all data sources.

  4. Integration with Sendgrid for better email deliverability.

  5. Built-in reporting to report on revenue for you automatically.