How JoyUp Automates Social Media Posts to Enhance you Restaurant's Online Presence

A recent study discovered that nearly 50% of diners in the USA tried a restaurant based on its social media content while 21% say a restaurant's social media posts (low-quality content or infrequent posting) are the reason why they’d never go.

You can avoid the online inconsistencies and get more real work done this week by staying off of social platforms and leverage JoyUp tools that facilitate automated social media posting.

Why restaurants need a Social calendar?

JoyUp's social calendar gives you an overview of your upcoming social media posts. It enables us to time your posts to reach the largest possible audience. JoyUp social calendar has some combination of elements to plan for each post.

These are:

  1. The date and time it will go live

  2. The social network and account where it will be published

  3. Creative assets (i.e photos or videos) required

  4. Links and tags to be included

Why JoyUp's Social Calendar is Important

  1. Saves time: Planning ahead with a social media calendar also allows you to save time on any future research needed for potential topics and posts.

  1. Keeps track of your performance: Measuring the effectiveness and success of your content and overall marketing efforts is possible only if you track your metrics. By keeping an eye on these numbers, you’ll be able to tweak and fine-tune your content and give your audience what they need and want.

  1. Executes Your Social Media Marketing Strategy: A social media content calendar can help you identify your successful content pieces and use them in your paid social media advertising.

  1. Keeps You Organized and on Track: A content calendar will give you a better perspective of your overall marketing strategy. You’ll be able to align your post topics with your social media and email marketing content. Besides, it will help you mend content gaps and prevent you from missing your content’s mark.

Overall Benefits of Automating Post Scheduling

In Conclusion

Save time on social media by using JoyUp. From a single dashboard, you can plan and schedule content, respond to comments and @mentions, run ads, and measure performance. Click the "Learn More" button below to get started.

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